Ariticmail Whitelabel Admin Features

What are feature list for admin users under Ariticmail Whitelabel?

Super Admin Dashboard

View all detail about your customers, campaigns and lists.


Available content documents for the admin and customer interface.

Admin User Management

Create and manage group admins and support staffs according to your business requirement.

Monetization module

Connect your payment gateways to collect payment from your end customers, connect Stripe, 2Checkout, Paypal, and so on.

  • Pricing Plan – Design your own pricing plan for your end customers.
  • Orders – View and manage all order detail of your paying customers.
  • Promo Codes – Add promo codes for promotional seasons.
  • Currencies – Add and manage multiple currencies for your end customer.
  • Taxes – Add and manage multiple form of taxes for your end customers.

Customer Management

View and manage existing customers easily with this option. Update existing customer data.

  • Groups – Create customer groups and define your subscribers, email limits per months, along with more detail about the plan and add it with Pricing Plan.
  • Campaigns – Have a look at the email campaigns sent by the customers. Check status, review and pause campaigns.
  • Mass Emails – Send announcement and notification to your list of registered customers.

List Page Types

Email list page templates are the pages which customers use while interacting with their end email subscribers.

  • Subscribe form: When the user will reach the subscription form, he will see this page .
  • Pending subscribe: After the user will submit the subscription form, he will see this page.
  • Subscription confirmed: After the user will click the confirmation link from within the email, he will see this page.
  • Update Profile: This page will contain all the elements the subscription form contains, the only difference is the heading message.
  • Unsubscribe form: This is the form the user will see when following the unsubscribe link.
  • Unsubscribe confirmation: When the user clicks on the unsubscribe link from within the email, he will see this page.
  • Subscribe confirm email : The email the user receives with the confirmation link
  • Unsubscribe confirm email: The email the user receives with the confirmation link to unsubscribe
  • Welcome email: The email the user receives after he successfully subscribes into the list

Email Template Gallery

Add your customer specific business email templates and delight your customers with additional features.

Email Blacklist

This feature contains the emails which have been blacklisted due to bounce, spam complaint of rejected due to some issue while email campaigns are sent by the customers.


We provide basic themes for admin and consumer interface. Select theme for admin and your customer interface.


We have multi-language support too. Currently, French, Spanish, Russian translations are available.

Support Tickets

Create departments, priorities, multi user support handling system with this option. Accept and resolve support tickets from customers quickly.

System Settings

Functional settings for your email system admin and customer interface system, with other technical information.