End-customer Whitelabel Email Marketing Features

Ariticmail Whitelabel is loaded with features, that help you grow your Business Online

Easy Email Campaign Sending

With Ariticmail Whitelabel you can easily create and send your email campaigns, in just a few easy steps, following the step-by-step campaigns wizard.

Reliable Email Deliveries

Ariticmail Whitelabel implements industry best email marketing practices which has high email deliveries and track end-user behavior with your email.

Create Lists with Searchable Custom Fields

Import your customer emails along with custom fields, apart from name and email, you can define custom fields with tags of your choice. Not only this, all the custom fields are easily searchable from email list management dashboard.

Test Campaign and Email Templates

Before you send the email campaign to an email list, test the email template and check email spam score. According to the spam score, modify your email template and make it mailbox complaint.

Create and Embed Email List Forms

Create Subscribe and Unsubscribe forms for separate email lists easily and embed on your website or blog. Can also use iframe version code on website and grow email list automatically.

Single/Double Opt-in/Opt-out for Email Lists

According to email subscription requirement, collect emails from different source, based on single opt-in, double opt-in. For email unsubscription, create single opt-out or double-out.

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100% Customizable Email List Pages

Easily customize each email list Subscribe form, Pending subscribe, Subscription confirmed, Update Profile, Unsubscribe form, Unsubscribe confirmation, Subscribe confirm email, Unsubscribe confirm email, Welcome email and more.

Use RSS/JSON Feeds in your Email Campaigns

Use your website or blog RSS / JSON feeds in your email template and schedule the automated email campaign easily. According to need, enable URL Tracking, Json Feed, XML Feed in your email template.

Wide Range of Email Template Tags

Make your email more personalized and user friendly with wide range of available email template tags. Add more detail to email campaigns easily.

Add Action upon Campaign Opens

Automatically perform different actions based on email campaign opens from email subscribers. Easily update or change custom field value of email list or copy / move email from one email list to other upon email opens.

Bounce & Complaint Emails Processing

Ariticmail Whitelabel automatically process the bounce and complaint from your email list and mark them as do not disturb. This makes your email list always fresh and updated with active emails. Next time when you send email to the same email list, these marked emails will not receive email.

Advanced Autorespoders

Setup email autoresponder sequence and design set of email campaigns, based on email list opt-in start sending email sequence automatically. For each email subscriber measure the effectiveness of email campaign.

Deep Email List Segmentation

Use email list segmentation feature to create unlimited segments of your choice using an email list and use them for future email campaign requirements.

Inliner CSS and Minify Parser

Make us of auto Inline CSS and Minify Parser for email template. This help in extracting the CSS from head of the email template and inline it for each matching attribute of the template automatically.

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